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We are passionate about Robotics

Robotics Africa is the exclusive distributor for Double in Africa. We are all about bringing emerging technology and products ranging from the top brands to the African market.


We are championing innovative business practices for industries in Africa.
We connect the right products to the right people with an unrivaled speed to market.


The emergence of new technology has had a positive impact on communication as a whole. At Robotics Africa we further bridge the gap of boundless communication with the Double Robot.


From smartphones to cargo drones, technology has the potential to transform the future of Africa. We have the knowledge, the staff, the insights and the experience to spot trends early and ensure it gets to market at the right time

A physical presence when you can’t be there

The Double Telepresence Robot puts you there, in the middle of it all, from wherever in the world you are. Be anywhere, anytime.

For Business

The Future of Work. Double is the most innovative tool for bringing your remote workers into the office. It enables a revolutionary new level of interaction with your remote team.

For Education

Double is being used in education in many ways, including building hybrid classrooms with both online and in-person students, to enable distant tutoring.

Lateral Stability Control
A shock absorption mechanism built in the base to maintain lateral stability.
The Double is always set to go
Power Drive
Travel longer distances, faster with the Double. Up to 80% faster than normal driving speed and a longer lasting battery life.
Camera Kit

An immersive experience with a 150 degree wide-angle lens that increases the field of view,  5 megapixel camera for higher resolution photos and Always-on Floor View for increased spatial awareness.

Easy Navigation
Control your Double from anywhere with flexible and easily accessible platforms.
Using a computer from your location or a phone on the go.

"Double is a game changer for remote work. Companies are now expanding their telecommuting policies because Double improves the experience so much."

Jonathan Mercereau

Senior CDN Engineer, LinkedIn

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We Love Robotics. Introducing the Double Robot to Africa- The world’s leading telepresence robot. Your Double is always on, ready to take you anywhere you need to go.

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